Eva Salina, Willa Roberts and Maria Sonevytsky first sang together in Ensemble Hilka as part of The Chornobyl Songs Project. Hilka was coached by Yevhen Yefremov from Kyiv, Ukraine – the founder of the influential village style vocal group Drevo. As part of that project, the trio got to sing a gorgeous lyrical song together: Kalyna-malyna nad yarom stoyala, and, when the project ended, Eva, Willa and Maria decided to learn some more songs and they called the new project Zozulka.

Eva Salina is a dynamic singer and performer, best known for collaborations with groups such as Slavic Soul Party!, Which Way East, Kadife, Veveritse, Choban Elektrik, Seido Salifoski’’s Romski Boji, Édessa, Tzvetanka Varimezova, Italian Balkan/Jazz Project Opa Cupa, KITKA, and Ash (Æ). In 2012, she was named a One Beat Fellow. Eva Salina and her band are currently working on a full-length album tribute to Serbian legend Šaban Bajramović.

Singer, violinist and multi-instrumentalist Willa Roberts can be heard in Brooklyn’s innovative Balkan a cappella trio Black Sea Hotel, who recently worked with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project. She has also performed with the Turkish and Mediterranean folk/classical ensemble Zeytin Dali, the New York Arabic OrchestraGamelan Dharma Swara, and a number of other projects.

Maria Sonevytsky is an Assistant Professor of Music at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. She is an ethnomusicologist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher. She can be heard with The Debutante HourAnti-Social Musicand, in 2012, traveled on a US, European, and Trans-Siberian tour with her husband, Franz Nicolay.

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